The Foundations of Telesales Success

$1,146.00 Launch price: $382.00

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Each course has been created to match the target market though some of the foundational content is similar so we recommend you buy only one course from the three on offer. Get in touch if you want help choosing the right one.

The Foundations of Telesales Success

$1,146.00 Launch price: $382.00

Telesales is one of the most important skills in business and I still love doing it. If you want to improve at it, you’ve come to the right place.
Our online telesales training course is based on the best ideas from the in-person programmes we’ve run for thousands of people over the last decade.
Whether experienced in telesales or a newcomer, this programme will give you a platform for consistent success in telesales with practical tips, along with templates to help sustain the changes.

Created for:
From Telemarketing and Telesales Executives to SDRs and Business Development Managers selling over the phone, this course has been created for you. If you generate leads or sell over the phone, you will get value from our Telesales Course.

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Course videos

  • 1. Re-thinking telesales: A different view
  • 2. 4 ingredients of telesales success
  • 3. Understanding how people buy
  • 4. 4-step structure for successful telesales
  • 5. Starting calls with clarity and authority
  • 6. Unrecognised benefits of questions on calls
  • 7. Lessons from your GP: Question structures
  • 8. Selling your difference over the phone
  • 9. Selling benefits without talking too much
  • 10. Ending telesales calls consistently and clearly


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Telesales Foundations

Insight and experience from 20 years in telesales to help you when selling over the phone

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Downloadable templates

Templates help record your favourite ideas and have them easily accessible in the future

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24/7 Access

Access the content any day, any time on any device. Learning delivered around your schedule.

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Communication skills

Step-by-step telesales skills to help you identify client need and sell in tailored fashion

Proven worksheets designed to take your sales to the next level

The templates and worksheets that are available to download throughout the course have been designed to help you during your calls, meetings and interactions. They give you the tools to set you up for success

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