Sales Skills for Non-Salespeople

$1,146.00 Launch price: $382.00

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Each course has been created to match the target market though some of the foundational content is similar so we recommend you buy only one course from the three on offer. Get in touch if you want help choosing the right one.

Sales Skills for Non-Salespeople

$1,146.00 Launch price: $382.00

Sales is, undoubtedly, the most under-rated skill in the UK and it’s time for change.
We all sell every day. In the workplace and in our personal lives. Maybe we call it influencing, persuading, convincing or negotiating. It’s sales.
Whatever job you do, whatever life you lead, you’ll be more successful if you learn to sell well.
We’ve developed the course to help people in business who don’t sell for a living but need to communicate to move others to action. If that sounds like you, join us.

Created for:
Everyone who speaks to others in their day-to-day role, particularly if they’re involved with the sales process in any way or if they present internally to move others to take action.

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Course videos

  • 1. How to re-think your role when selling
  • 2. What you need for success in sales
  • 3. The power of likeability in buying decisions
  • 4. Making sales conversations EASY
  • 5. First impressions count: How to start well
  • 6. The greatest skill in sales (and in life?)
  • 7. How to question well and listen actively
  • 8. Explaining your difference quickly and clearly
  • 9. The natural sales power at your service
  • 10. It’s a wrap! Ending calls and meetings well


Black Dice

Foundations of Sales

Expert sales trainer Paul Owen shares his knowledge in a captivating introduction into the world of sales.

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Downloadable templates

Designed to reinforce your learning, the sheets & templates will help you in your sales conversations

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24/7 Access

Access the content any day, any time on any device. Learning delivered around your schedule.

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Communication skills

Learn skills to navigate tricky sales conversations and optimise what you already know.

Proven worksheets designed to take your sales to the next level

The templates and worksheets that are available to download throughout the course have been designed to help you during your calls, meetings and interactions. They give you the tools to set you up for success

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