PROPERTY: “Brilliant Sales Training”

October 27, 2023

In the last 10 years, our client has grown from £22million annual revenue to more than £200million, making it one of London’s leading Design & Build specialists. With outstanding delivery, a great track record and a suite of happy clients, they have seized a large chunk of the market with plans to continue their stratospheric growth to £500 million a year.

Anyone familiar with London’s commercial property market knows that it all starts with sales research to discover key information and identify the right decision makers. The outbound calling team was doing a good job but good wasn’t enough: they wanted great.


The team, based across 3 offices, contained a mix of sales veterans (20+ years’ experience) and sales newcomers (6 months), each with different perspectives, needs and skills. We were asked to create and deliver a training programme to engage with all levels that would inspire them to improve and give practical steps to make those improvements. First, it was key was to have the respect of the room before taking them through a programme which allowed time to reflect on what they do now and how it could be improved.

Across a 6-day Sales Training Programme, key topics included:

  • Foundations: What is sales and who are we, as salespeople?
  • How people making buying decisions unconsciously but rationalise consciously
  • The ingredients of sales success: K.A.S.H.
  • 4-point structure of successful sales conversations: E.A.S.Y.
  • How to introduce every call with authority and clarity
  • Structured questions and techniques to uncover known and unknown needs
  • How to sell the company and its services consistently well in every call
  • Ending each call with clear next steps and a commitment to follow them
  • Plenty of practice to put ideas into action, including role plays and live client calls
  • The creation of physical reminders and prompts in their sales environment

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL – What they said about our work

“It was a pleasure to see a professional at work in front of our sales teams. Paul quickly put the room at ease and then encouraged our teams to leave their comfort zones and try new ideas. The content provoked their thoughts and inspired them to try new things without the fear of getting it wrong. Over the course of the 6-day programme, I’m delighted with the results as every single member of the team is better than when we started the training. We now have a happier team with more consistent structures for daily success plus a shot of fun and inspiration. It’s a tricky balance to establish enough connection to open a room of salespeople up to ideas and yet retain the respect and credibility to enable them to change behaviours. Paul does that and he is, in my opinion, the best sales trainer in our marketplace. Group Business Development Director


“The programme was fun and inspiring plus it changed behaviours. I can say several months later that those new behaviours have been sustained. Brilliant training.” Head of Sales

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